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Destination Downtown Mebane, Inc.


Downtown Mebane offers many options for dining and entertainment, as well as shopping. Whatever cuisine or entertainment you’re in to, we have something for you! The downtown historic district is located on Clay Street and Center Street, 2 miles north of I-85 and I-40 off Exit 154.


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Members meet the second Wednesday of the month at 9:00 AM at Junction on 70. If you own a business downtown Mebane and you would like to visit a monthly DDM, Inc. meeting, please join us! To inquire or join DDM, please complete the membership application found on our Members page or email

2020 Steering Committee:

  • President – Sugaree Thornton, Clay Street Printing and Signs
  • Vice President – Kelli Potter, Solgarden
  • Secretary – Sherri Seagroves, Carolina Plastics Recruiters
  • Treasurer – Kat Mathias, Impulsive Creativity
  • Member at Large – Steve Krans, Junction on 70
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